Funeral Dinners

Sponsored by the St. Monica Ladies Guild

Eileen Hahn ................................699-7468
Eugenia Shutts.............................697-6438

As a service to the parishioners of St. Monica's Church, the Guild provides a lunch for the family and friends following service for a member of the parish.

The co-chairwomen of the funeral committee request that arrangements for the number of guests to be served be discussed with either of them after the time the funeral Mass has been decided by the parish priest. Any other information will gladly be furnished by the chairwomen when contacted.

The lunch served is buffet style for up to 150 people expected by the family. Special arrangements should be made with the chairwoman for any number above 150 or if other than the regular lunch is to be served. i.e. brunch or special requests.

There is no charge for setting up the tables, serving the food or cleaning up at the conclusion of the meal. This is voluntarily done by Guild members. The Guild members furnish the following at no cost to the family (unless special arrangements have been made as requested):

Potatoes                  Desserts
Vegetables              Salads

If the bereaved family has an extra supply of donated food, this could also be served at the luncheon. If this is known beforehand, please advise the chairwomen.