The following events and activities will be announced at the appropriate Saturday and/or Sunday Masses:

1. Events that promote a deeper commitment to the Faith of the members of the community.

2. Events held for the purpose of fellowship within the whole parish community.

3. Diocesan or civic events that are of interest to the St. Monica community.

4. Social activities which immediately follow and are related to the Eucharistic celebration.

5. Major events which provide financial benefits for the whole parish.

Information regarding an announcement must be in the parish office by Thursday @ 10:00A.M. the week previous to bulletin distribution. These announcements will be as brief as possible and call attention to the activity but not give details. Regularly scheduled meetings or the sale of any items will not be announced. Normally an announcement will be one sentence in length. Ordinarily they will be made on the week of the event. Announcements will be made before the final blessing.