Religious Education

Mission Statement

Religious education is an on-going, life-long process which begins with the family and is enhanced through the efforts of our dedicated Catholic Christian teachers.

"The scope of the curriculum of religious instruction includes an understanding of Scripture, doctrine, liturgy, and the life of the Church. This curriculum provides the opportunity to experience a share in the sacramental life of the Church and to transmit the rich heritage of the faith." (Philosophy of Religious Instruction. Diocese of Peoria)

Our purpose is to aid in making a person's faith become living and conscious and active through instruction. Our goal is to provide those in our parish seeking a better relationship with God; a means of fostering or furthering their faith through educational experiences.

Continuing Education

Although the remainder of this section relates to our education of the youth of the parish, there is in the main vestibule of the church a small kiosk for educational and informative series of CDs by a wide range of outstanding speakers on church history and doctrine. If you do not find a topic in the kiosk that applies to your current concerns, please click on the icon below to go to the publisher's web site.



Click the above image to go to and enter the parish code ce627d for access to complete Catholic information, movies, etc.