Marriage Policy

Marriage between baptized persons is raised to a sacrament.  Matrimony is a unique opportunity to encounter the God who is love and can be experienced in the human institution of marriage.  The celebration of this sacrament is the beginning of a lifetime covenant.  In the ceremony, the couple pledges to live that covenant for the rest of their lives.  The seriousness of this sacrament requires preparation.  Couples intending to marry in our parish will follow the Common Policy of the Peoria Diocese for marriage preparation.  In order to allow sufficient time to carry out the various steps of the marriage preparation program, it is necessary to contact the priest or deacon at least six months prior to the anticipated date of the wedding. 

For a couple to marry at St. Monica at least one party should ordinarily be an active member of the parish.  Because activities in the parish affect the lives of all members, all parishioners are welcome to witness any marriage. We welcome members of our parish to celebrate their marriages at St. Monica.