Membership Statement

 The St. Monica Community is a group of Roman Catholic Christians within the Diocese of Peoria.  They generally live within the established parish boundaries.  Others may accept membership with the approval of the pastor in whose territory they reside.  Persons are recognized as members through registration, participation at worship and in activities as they are able, and because of their support of the community.  Members have the right to celebrate the sacraments.  They may request Matrimony, Baptism for their children, Christian Burial and other parish services provided that follow the appropriate parish policy.

We recognize that  a special relationship may exist with non-Catholic members of our parish family. We invite them to consider full membership in our community.  We encourage those who are not able to participate fully in the sacramental life of the church to participate as much as possible and to take the necessary steps to rectify their situation.

Together we hope to always witness Christian principles among ourselves and to others.