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Abbott, Enda   Awake, My Soul and Sing Inspirational
Akin, Jimmy   The ABCs of Worship Mass Appeal Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Al-Anon Family Group   As We Understand Addiction / Alcoholism / Trauma
Al-Anon Family Group   Having Had a Spiritual Awakening Addiction / Alcoholism / Trauma
Al-Anon World Service   Living Sober Addiction / Alcoholism / Trauma
Alcorn, Randy   Courageous Fiction
Alcorn, Randy   Deadline Fiction
Alexander, Pat   Encyclopedia of the Bible Bible     
Ambrogetti, Francesca Rubin, Sergio Pope Francis - His Life in His Own Words Popes
Anderson, Joan Wester   An Angel to Watch Over Me Angels
Arialil, Dan Heckler-Feltz, Cheryl The Carpenter's Apprentice: The Spiritual Biography of Jimmy Carter Autobiography / Biography
Arnold, Francena H.   Three Shall Be One Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Arroyo, Raymond   Mother Angelica: Her Grand Silence Autobiography / Biography
Attwater, Donald   A Dictionary of Saints Saints
Ayre, Father Hfarrison Heinlein, Michael R Finding Christ in the Crisis Life & Social Issues
Bakalar, Nick Balkin, Richard The Wisdom of John Paul II Popes
Barnes, Emilie   Fill My Cup, Lord Inspirational
Barron, Bishop Robert   Letter To a Suffering Church Life & Social Issues
Barton, David   America: To Pray or Not To Pray Life & Social Issues
Bartunek, Father John   A Quiet Place Prayer
Batchelor, Doug   The Mystery of Mary - Mother of Jesus Mary / Marian Apparitions
Bates, Ralph K.   Looking at Christmas From the Inside Advent / Christmas 
Beiting, Father Ralph W.   A Time of Crisis, A Time for Christ Christian Living
Bennett, Phillip   Let Yourself Be Loved - Transforming Fear into Hope Christian Living
Bennett, William J.   The Book of Virtues Christian Living
Bergoglio, Jorge Mario Skorka, Abraham On Heaven and Earth - Pope Francis Popes
Bernardin, Cardinal Joseph   The Gift of Peace Autobiography / Biography
Bernardin, Cardinal Joseph   The Journey to Peace Inspirational
Bernier, Paul   Bread Broken and Shaped Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Bible   Bible on CD - Proverbs 1 - 16 Bible     
Bible   Holy Bible - New Living Translation Bible     
Bible   Holy Bible - Standard Edition Bible     
Bible   New American Bible - St Joseph Edition Bible     
Bible   Reach Out - The Living New Testament Bible     
Bible   The Children's Bible Children
Bible   The Way - The Catholic Living Bible Bible     
Biblica   Proverbs - Wisdom for Life Bible     
Biela, S.C.   Open Wide the Door to Christ Christian Living
Biggers, Emily   When Jesus Speaks to a Hurting Heart Inspirational
Bishop, Darlene   Your Life Follows Your Words Autobiography / Biography
Blackstone, Terri   Line of Duty Fiction
Blackstone, Terri   Shadow of Doubt Fiction
Blackstone, Terri   Trial By Fire Fiction
Blackstone, Terri   Word Of Honor Fiction
Blanchard, Ken Hodges, Phil Lead Like Jesus Christian Living
Bondi, Roberta C.   To Pray and To Love Prayer
Bonner, Mickey   Brokenness the Forgotten Factor of Prayer Prayer
Boom, Corrie ten Sherrill, John and Elizabeth The Hiding Place Autobiography / Biography
Boone, Pat   A New Song Autobiography / Biography
Boyer, Mark G.   Home is a Holy Place Prayer
Breathnach, Sarah Ban   Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy Daily Devotion 
Breckenridge, Marilyn S.   Jesse Tree Devotions Advent / Christmas 
Bridges, Jerry   Trusting God even when Life Hurts Christian Living
Brown, Raphael   The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics Mary / Marian Apparitions
Buckingham, Jamie   Power for Living Inspirational
Callanan, Maggie Kelly, Patricia Final Gifts  Death / Grief
Campbell, James   Pope Francis - A Living Legacy Popes
Campbell, Wesley and Stacey   Praying the Bible Bible     
Canedo, Ken   Keep the Fire Burning - The Folk Mass Revolution Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Canon Law Society of America   Proceedings of the Seventy-seventh Annual Convention Reference
Carter, Dr. Les   Putting the Past Behind Christian Living
Castelli, Jim   How I Pray Comparative Religion
Cavins, Jeff Pinto, Matthew Amazing Grace for Married Couples Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Cavins, Jeff Pinto, Matthew Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer Inspirational
Cavins, Jeff   I'm Not Being Fed! - Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Cavins, Jeff   My Life on the Rock Autobiography / Biography
Cavins, Jeff Cavins, Emily Walking Toward Eternity - Making Choisces for Today Study Guides   
Cetas, Anne   Finding Jesus in Everyday Moments Daily Devotion 
Chaffee, Janice   One Silent Night Advent / Christmas 
Chambers, Oswald   My Utmost for His Highest Daily Devotion 
Chapman, Gary   The Five Love Languages Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Cherry, Reginald MD   Healing Prayer Healing
Chittister, Joan   The Friendship of Women - The Hidden Tradition of the Bible Bible     
Cloud. Dr. Henry Townsend, Dr. John 12 Christian Beliefs that Can Drive You Crazy - Relief from False Assumptions Christian Living
Colson, Charles   Who Speaks for God? Life & Social Issues
Corapi, Father John Jesse Romero, Rick Strom and others Welcome Home!: Fallen Away Catholics Who Came Back Life & Social Issues
Coray, Henry W.   Son of Tears Fiction
Coyle, Neva   Learning to Know God … and to Love His Friends Daily Devotion 
Crabb, Dr. Larry    Inside Out Christian Living
Crabb, Dr. Larry    The Papa Prayer Prayer
Crews, Clyde F.   American & Catholic - A Popular History of Catholicism in the United States Catholic Education
Cristiani, Msgr. Leon   The Story of Monica and Her Son Augustine Saints 
Curtis, Ken Thiede, Carsten Peter From Christ to Constantine The Trial and Testimony of the Early Church Church & History
D'Ambrosio, Marcellino Swafford, Andrew What We Believe The Beauty of the Catholic Faith Catholic Education
Daily, Timothy J.    Secrets of the Bible Bible     
Davidson, Alice Joyce   Reflecions of Love Inspirational
De Sales, Saint Francis   Introduction to The Devout Life Christian Living
DeGidio, Sandra, O.S.M.   Re-treat Your family to Lent Lent / Easter / Pentecost
DePree, Gordon & Gladis   The Gift    Inspirational
deSilva, David A. Matthews, Victor H. Missing Stories of the New Testament Bible     
deSilva, David A. Matthews, Victor H. Missing Stories of the Old Testament Bible     
Dietzen, John J.   Catholic Life in a New Century Christian Living
Dobbins, Dr. Richard D.   Invisible Imprint - What Others Feel When In Your Presence understanding the forces of Good and Evil Study Guides   
Downing, Sue   Prayers for the Seasons of Life Prayer
Drummond, Henry   The Greatest Thing in the World: Experience the Enduring Power of Love Christian Living
Dues, Greg   Catholic Customs & Traditions Catholic Education
Dunning, James B.   Echoing God's Word Catholic Education
Egermeier, Elsie   Picture Story Bible ABC Book Children
Eggerichs, Dr. Emerson   Love & Respect Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Eldredge, John       Walking with God: How to Hear His Voice Prayer
Eldredge, John & Stasi   Love & War Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Ellard, Gerald Ellard, S.J., Ph.D.   The Mass of the Future Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Engle, Paul E. Basden, Paul A. Exploring The Worship Spectrum Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Engstrom, Bonnie L.    61 Minutes to a Mircale Autobiography / Biography
Evely, Louis   We Dare to Say Our Father Prayer
Evert, Jason   Saint John Paul the Great Popes
Faulkner, Harris   Faith Still Moves Mountains Prayer
Feldhan, Shaunti   For Women only - What you need to know about the inner lives of men Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Flynn, Vinny   21 Ways to Worship Prayer
Flynn, Vinny   7 Secrets of Divine Mercy Prayer
Flynn, Vinny   7 Secrets of the Eucharist Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Foley, Leonard O.F.M.   Believing in Jesus Catholic Education
Franci-Donnay, Michelle   Daily Reflections for Lent Lent / Easter / Pentecost
Franklin, Jentezen   Fasting Catholic Education
Fretheim, Terence E.   About the Bible - Short Answers to Big Questions Bible     
Fryar, Jane L. Schultz, Kristen Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary God Daily Devotion 
Furey, Richard   With Mary the Mother of Jesus Stations of the Cross
Gainsanti, Gianni   John Paul II, Porrait of a Pontiff Popes
Gaitley, Michael E. MIC   33 Days to Morning Glory Mary / Marian Apparitions
Gasnick, Roy M., OFM   The Francis Book - 800 Years with the Saint From Assisi Saints
Gerding, Susan Blum   Christ the Cornerstone: Coping in a World of Chaos and Confusion Life & Social Issues
Geis, Sandi   My Spirit Rejoices - Daily Prayers for Advent Advent / Christmas 
Geisler, Carol   He Cares For You - Reflections for Caregivers Inspirational
Gilles, Anthony E.   The People of the Way Bible     
Girzone, Joseph F.   Joshua - The Homecoming Fiction
Girzone, Joseph F.   Joshus - The Shepherd Fiction
Girzone, Joseph F.   Joshua in the Holy Land Fiction
Golmann, Gereon Karl OFM   The Shadow of His Wings Autobiography / Biography
Gordon, Beverly S.   Toward Acceptance Prayer
Grassi, Father Dominic Paprocki, Joe Living the Mass Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Greear, J.D.   Just Ask Prayer
Greig, Pete Blackwell, David 24-7 Prayer Manual Prayer
Grimaldi, Jennifer   A Day Well Spent Inspirational
Gross, Arthur W.   A Child's Garden of Bible Stories Children
Guidepost   Heavenly Poems & Sweet Treats Advent / Christmas 
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Angels Along the Way Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Best Friends Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Famous Animals Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Fantastic Feats Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - In the Wild Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - One of the Family Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Second Chances Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Their Healing Power Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - To the Rescue Inspirational
Guidepost   Listening to the Animals - Working Partners Inspirational
Guidepost   Mornings with Jesus Daily Devotion 
Guidepost   Their Mysterious Ways Inspirational
Gumbel, Nicky   How Does God Guide Us  Prayer
Hahn, Scott   A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture  Christian Living
Hahn, Scott   Joy to the World Jesus
Hahn, Scott   The Lamb's Supper Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Hahn, Scott Kimerly Hahn Rome Sweet Home Our Journey to Catholicism Autobiography / Biography
Halberstem, Yitla Leventhal, Judith Small Miracless II Inspirational
Haidle, Helen   What Would Jesus Do? Children
Hake, Cathy Marie R.N.   Light For My Path for Nurses - Illuminating Selection from the Bible Prayer 
Hardon, Father John A. S.J   Catholic Prayer Book Prayer
Harter, Michael SJ   Hearts on Fire - Praying with Jesuits Prayer
Hartfiel, Mark   Into Great Freedom: From Purgation to Illumination Christian Living
Hayes, Mike   When God is First Christian Living
Hebblethwaite, Peter Kaufmann, Ludwig John Paul II Popes
Hollingsworth, Mary   Hugs for Women Inspirational
Homan, Helen Walker   Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi Saints
Hospice Foundation of America   Caregiving and Loss - Family Needs, Professional Responses Death / Grief
Howard, Thomas   Evangelical is Not Enough - Worship of God in Liturgy and Sacrament Autobiography / Biography
Howerton, Roger Fletcher, Jim Night Lights for Dads: 30 Stories of Encouragement to End Each Day Inspirational
Hoy, Michael   A Wonderful Life in Christ Advent / Christmas 
Hoy, Michael   The Light of Grace Welcoming God's Amazing Gift of Christ - Devotions for Advent Advent / Christmas 
Hunt, Allen R.   Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor Autobiography / Biography
Hybels, Bill Harney, Kevin and  Sherry Prayer - Opening Your Heart to God Prayer
Ilibagiza, Immaculee Erwin, Steve Our Lady of Kibeho Mary / Marian Apparitions
Imbach, Josef   And He  Taught Them With Pictures - The Parables in Practice Today Catholic Education
Inrig, Gary   The Risk of Forgiveness - What it Means to Forgive Catholic Education
James, Kay Coles   What I Wish I's Known before I Got Married Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Jaminet, Emily   On the Wat to Bethlehem - Advent Daily Devotions for Families Advent / Christmas 
Jansen, Gary    The Rosary - A Journey to the Beloved Rosary
Jenkins, Philip   The New Anti-Catholicism - The Last Acceptable Prejudice Comparative Religion
Johnson, Abby   Unplanned - Abby Johnson Autobiography / Biography
Keller, W. Phillip   A Layman Looks at the Lord's prayer Prayer
Keller, W. Phillip   A Shepard Look to PSALM 23 Prayer
Kelley, Patrick   Stations of the Nativity Advent / Christmas 
Kelly, John   The Other Law of Moses - God's Remarkable Plan for Prosperity Bible     
Kelly, Matthew   Holy Moments Inspirational
Kelly, Matthew   I Heard God Laugh Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Life is Messy Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Perfectly Yourself Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Rediscover Catholicism Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Rediscover Jesus Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Rediscover the Saints Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   Resisting Happiness Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   The Biggest Lie in The History of Christianity Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   The Generosity Habit Christian Living
Kelly, Matthew   The Rocking Chair Prophet Christian Living
Kempis, Thomas J.   Imitation of Christ Prayer 
Kendall, R.T.   Total Forgiveness: A Study Guide to Repairing Relationships Christian Living
Kennelly, Brian   Two Statues Fiction
Kidd, Ronald   Hats Off to Lyle Children
Kindelmann, Elizabeth   The Flame of Love Mary / Marian Apparitions
Kirby, Fr. Jeffrey STL   Doors of Mercy Exploring God's Covenant With You Study Guides   
Koch, Ruth N. Haugh, Kenneth C. Speaking the Truth in Love: How To Be an Assertive Christian Christian Living
Konstant, David   Treasured Catholic Prayers & Devotions Prayer 
Kreeft, Peter   I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine's Confessions Unpacked Saints
Kurz, William S., S.J.   The Acts of the Apostles Bible     
Kushner, Harold S.   Living a Life That Matters Christian Living
Laetitia, Amoris   Pope Francis - The Joy of Love Popes
Lawler, Ronald O.F.M. Cap.  Donald w. Wuerl,                      Thomas Comerford Lawler the Teaching of Christ - A Catholic Catechism for Adults Catholic Education
Letchford, Peter   Help! I Don't Know How to Pray.  Amen. Prayer 
Lewis, C.S.   The Case for Christianity Christian Living
Life   Holy Lands - One Place Three Faiths Reference
Link, Julie Ackerman   100 Prayers Prayer 
Little, Paul   Know Why You Believe Christian Living
Logan, John   Christianity Church & History
Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G., S.V.D.   Book of Saints - Part 1 Children
Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G., S.V.D.   Book of Saints - Part 4 Children
Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G., S.V.D.   Prayers to My Favorite Saints -Part 2 Children
Lozano, Neal   Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Come Thirsty: No Heart Too Dry for His Touch Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Facing Your Giants: God Still Does the Impossible  Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Glory Days: Trusting the God Who Fights for You Christian Living
Lucado, Max   In The Eye of the Storm Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Just Like Jesus: Learning to Have a Heart Like His Christian Living
Lucado, Max   No Wonder They Call Him the Savior Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Traveling Light Christian Living
Lucado, Max   Turn: Remembering Our Foundations  Christian Living
Lucado, Max   When God Whispers Your Name Christian Living
Lucado, Max   You are Never Alone: Trust in the Miracle of God's Presence and Power Christian Living
Lucado, Max   You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times Christian Living
Luce, Clare Boothe   Saints For Now Saints
Maasburg, Leo   Mother Teresa of Calcutta Autobiography / Biography
Macarthur, John   Unleashing God's Word in Your Life: How to Understand, Study and Apply God's Word Bible     
MacDonald, Hope   Discovering How to Pray Prayer
Macnutt, Judith   Encountering Angels Angels
Madigan, Leo   What Happened at Fatima Mary / Marian Apparitions
Madrid, Patrick   Search and Rescue - How to Bring Your Family and Friends in  - or Back into - the Catholic Church Christian Living
Madrid, Patrick   Surprised By Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic   Autobiography / Biography
Madrid, Patrick   Surprised By Truth 3: 10 More Converts Explain the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic:  Autobiography / Biography
Manternach, Karla   Light Shines int the Darkness - Family Devotions for Advent Advent / Christmas 
Marckini, Robert J.   You Can Beat Prostate Cancer and You Don't Need Surgery to Do it  Health
Marks, Frederick W. Ph.D.0   A Catholic Handbook for Engaged and Newly Married Couples Dating / Marriage / Divorice 
Marsh, Gail   Exclamations of Thanks Inspirational
Maryknoll Fathers   The Maryknoll Missal Eucharist /Mass / Worship
Mass   The Mass For Catholic Children Children
McCarthy, James G.   Conversation with Catholics Catholic Education
McDowell, Sean Dion, Jennifer Godquest - Discover the God Your Heart is Searching For Bible     
McDowell, Sean Jantz, Stan GodQuest - Discover the God Your Heart is Searching for Inspirational
McFadyen, John   Prayers of the Bible Bible     
McGeady, Sister Mary Rose   Sometines God Has a Kid's Face Life & Social Issues
McGee, Robert S.   Search For Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes  Christian Living
McNally, Thomas, C.S.C. Storey, William G. Lord Hear Our Prayer Prayer
Mead, David   Open Before Christmas - Daily Ways to Open Your Heart from Advent through Epiphany Advent / Christmas 
Merton, Thomas   The Seven Storey Mountian Autobiography / Biography
Meyer, Joyce   The Gift Advent / Christmas 
Meyer, Joyce   The Joy of Believing Prayer Prayer
Mick, Lawrence E.   To Live as We Worship Christian Living
Miller, Joy Erlichman Wheeler, Monica Vest Cancer - Here's How You Can Help Me Cope and Survive Health
Miller, Ura   25 Favorite Stories From The Bible Children
Mitchell, Julie   A Christmas Garland Advent / Christmas 
Moles, Dennis   Is the Bible Reliable? Bible     
Moore, Clement C.   A Visit From St. Nicholas Advent / Christmas 
Moore, Thomas   A Religion of One's Own Inspirational
Morris, Thomas H.   The RCIA Transforming the Church - A Resource For Pastoral Implementation Catholic Education
Mother Teresa   Do Something Beautiful for God Daily Devotion 
Mother Teresa   In the Heart of the World, Thoughts, Stories, and Prayers Christian Living
Mother Teresa   Loving Jesus Christian Living
Mother Teresa   Where There is Love, There is God: Her Path to Closer Union with God and Greater Love for Others Christian Living
Myers, G.A.   The Christmas Story Advent / Christmas 
Nash, Ronald H.   When a Baby Dies - Answers to Comfort Grieving Parents Death / Grief
Nicklin, Clairann   Christ in our Midst Catholic Education
Nouwen, Henri J.M.   A Little Child Shall Lead Them - Advent Devotions Advent / Christmas 
Nouwen, Henri J.M.   A Spirituality of Living Christian Living    
Nouwen, Henri J.M.   And The Word Was God - Advent Devotions Advent / Christmas 
Nouwen, Henri J.M.   The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming Christian Living    
Nouwen, Henri J.M.   This Will Be A Sign For You - Advent Devotions Advent / Christmas 
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