Parish Hall Policy


The St. Monica Community is fortunate to have a Hall which seats 300+ people.  Besides being available for parish functions, it can be rented to parishioners or others.  The rules for use and/or rental of the Hall are listed below.  Arrangements can be made by contacting the Parish Office at (309)694-2061.  The use of various items from the Hall can also be made by calling the Office and stopping in to sign a receipt for the items used.  Persons renting the Hall do have the first claim on the equipment.  No one should presume to borrow things without these procedures.

Regulations are as follows:

 The St. Monica's Parish Hall seats a maximum 316 individuals with table and chair seating, and can accommodate a larger number if no tables are needed. All those renting the Hall must obtain insurance through the Diocese of Peoria or provide a personal certificate of insurance that is acceptable to the Diocese. All Rentals also require a $100 deposit that is refundable only if the Parish Hall is restored to its original condition. To make arrangements to rent/use the Hall, call the Parish Office at (309)694-2061.


Regulations for use/rental of the Parish Hall include:

1.   All parish-related activities have first priority regarding use of the Hall, provided the event has been previously scheduled.

2.   The user fee for any registered, active and contributing member of the Parish is $100. Registration in the Parish immediately prior to wedding/event does not entitle the user to parishioner rates.

3.   The user fee for civic organizations, educational groups and other church groups is $150.

4.   The user fee for all other individuals is $500.

5.   All fees and deposits must be paid in advance at the time the contract is signed. The Hall will be reserved only after the contract is signed and fees are paid.

6.   The Hall is not available for rent by any group not sanctioned by the Catholic Church, or by large fraternal groups, political groups or for non-parish fundraising functions.

7.   The organization or individual signing the rental contract will be held liable for any and all damages to the facility, its contents and parish property incurred while renting the Hall.

8.   All functions must end no later than 12:30 a.m.

9.   To ensure return of the deposit, all renters must not damage facility walls, structures, floors, doors, etc., when decorating for the event. Additionally, the > facility's kitchen, bathrooms, foyer and event room floors must be swept; > garbage placed into trash bags; > all kitchen utensils washed and returned to appropriate storage units; > all countertops, stoves and refrigerators cleaned. Garbage taken outside and put in the proper receptacles and the lids securely put on. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the above mentioned deposit.

10. Kitchen linens [towels, dishcloths, table coverings] will be provided by those renting the Hall.

11. The Parish Grotto is sacred ground and is not to be climbed on, damaged or disfigured in any way.

12. Before leaving the Hall, renters must > turn off all lights [including restrooms]; > turn off all water in kitchen and restrooms; > lock all doors; > close all drapes; > shut all windows; > turn off kitchen and ventilator fans. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the above mentioned deposit.