Staff Member: Fr. John "Bazi" Bazimenyera

Staff Member: Fr. John "Bazi" Bazimenyera

Fr. John "Bazi" Bazimenyera

Parochial Vicar
Phone: 309-444-3524
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I am Fr. John Bazimenyera from the Diocese of Kabale Uganda coming to serve in the Diocese of Peoria. I whole heartedly extend my deep and sincere thanks to the Bishop of the Diocese of Peoria who accepted me to serve in his Diocese. I do also thank the Bishop of Kabale who allowed me to come to Peoria to share my 42 years of priestly experience with the people of Peoria.

I have come to add my voice to those voices which you have heard telling you, “DO NOT BE AFRAID, I AM WITH YOU.” Mk 6:50; Is 43:1-5, 49:15. We too, when we encounter storms of life and life becomes unbearable, call to Jesus. He will come to your rescue.

I was ordained on Pentecost May 25, 1980. I have served in different schools as a chaplain and teacher for 16 years; in Minor Seminary and Major Seminary. I was the Rector of our Diocesan Seminary, St. Paul’s Seminary for six years. I was one of four staff members of St. Augustine Priests Institute in Uganda for six years giving retreats and renewal courses to priests and religious. I worked as the Bishop’s Secretary and Chancellor for three years. I have worked in three parishes at different times as Pastor, one parish three years, another twelve years and the last one six years. I have been appointed to different committees and boards some as chairman, others as a member. Also, I have been director of some primary schools and high schools. I have been giving homilies on Sundays and Tuesdays on our local radio for the last 17 years. In 2006, the Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute nominated me for the prestigious title, MAN OF THE YEAR 2006. The Institutes International Board of Research decided on my nomination due to my overall accomplishments and contributions to society. Some fear always came on receiving a new appointment, but after a prayer, God would be with me and everything would be quite good.

I treasure three experiences namely in 1984 when in Rome for retreat, St. John Paul II gave me a Cross, in 1992 in Bunendi when he came for a visit, he gave me a rosary and in 1993 when in Israel, I walked for three months in the land where Jesus walked.

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